Performance Suspension

All about Megan Racing

Megan Racing was started with a vision and the goal of assisting the automotive enthusiasts and therefor there should not be a limit dictated by the size of one’s wallet, but rather to be inspired on their heart and passion for motor-sports.

Megan Racing is a company that takes pride on bringing the community on board in every aspect of development. Through participation and assistance on multiple race events, Megan Racing’s team supports and collaborates with active individuals and members of the racing community who,in return exchange direct valuable feedback after real world and on-track testing which leads to a better solution and future updates based on these data submitted by the actual competitive racing enthusiasts.

Assuring the best service in manufacturing long-lasting, quality parts at affordable prices is the name of the game, Megan Racing is currently one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket performance parts across the United States and the customer support the offer as well has helped them uphold their reputation above average. Megan Racing believes in keeping transparency as far as methods of equipment manufacturing and extending warranties to obtain a more genuine trust and accountability from their customers as the company continues to expand globally.