Floor Mats FAQ

How to Clean Car Floor Mats?

This is not hard at all whether you have rubber or cloth floor mats on your car, remove your floor mats if possible and take your mats out of the car, if they are removable. Do not clean them while they are still inside the car.
keep in mind that you want to remove the mats so that you don’t get water damage in your car’s interior. Also, do not allow oily or foam consistency from cleaning products to have contact with the gas, clutch and brake pedals in your car as this could cause your foot to slip off the pedal during driving and can possibly cause an accident, stay safe!

Clean the mats out of the car at a gas station, at home in your parking lot or inside your garage. Most car mats are removable. However, occasionally the mats are built into the car. In those cases, you will have to clean them inside the car.

Use a vacuum to ensure that you suction up all of the dust particles and soil specks from your car and make sure you get all the crumbs from the back of floor mats before you try to clean them further.

Car floor mats are often made out of rubber too. Especially up north where it can get rainy and snowy, the rubber mats provide good moisture protection for your interior and will dry faster than any other mat would do. In this specific case you can wash you floor mats with water and soap, give them a good scrub and dry your floor mats before you place them back in the car, just like said before “it’s not hard at all”.

How to Clean Weathertech Floor Mats?

Weathertech floor mats are really easy to clean since they are made of a plastic/rubber like material your options of cleaning are limitless but, here’s what we believe is the most common way of doing it.

Make sure pull your weathertech floor mats out of your vehicle and rinse them with water if you have any hard to remove stains use some soap and water in a bucket and scrub them with a medium bristle brush until the stain is gone, when you are done than you can go ahead and use a cloth to dry them and finally plaese your weathertech floor mats back in the vehicle!

Where to Buy Weathertech Floor Mats?

There are many ways to purchase weathertech floor mats and we will share that with you now.

Weathertech has it’s own website which you canuse to make your purchase but, it also has two other online places to purchase from, AMAZON and E-BAY you can use any of these websites to place your order for some weathertech floormats and have them delivered to your door.

The Factory store is publicly-accessible and it features the best products in vehicle, home and pet protection available for purchase! You can shop online and pick up at the Factory Store through curbside pickup or walk in and a purchase your floor mats at the store. here is the store location,